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  • It Takes Faith to Believe the Prophets

    Do You Believe in the Prophets? I am not in this post going to talk about the last prophet, but the prophets before the time of Jesus (Isa al Masih) My Muslim friends tell me they believe in all the prophets…. Read More ›

  • No Faith to Hate

    It takes no faith to believe in the bad in someone else. It’s easy and it can be fed like an all-you-can-eat buffet line. We live in a day of sound bytes that plays into the fears of people we don’t understand… Read More ›

  • Jesus, Syrians and ISIS: Whose Crisis Is It?

    I am deeply troubled by the attacks in Paris with it’s senseless killing by IS (ISIS). We stand with the French against such barbarian assaults on innocent people. Yet, having many Muslim friends, they too are deeply troubled by IS… Read More ›

  • How Can Christians Help Muslims See Jesus Beyond the Quran?

    If you ask a Muslim that you meet, “What do you think about Jesus Christ?” they will often respond that they “believe” in him and even may add “we love Jesus” (maybe even patting their chest). These two statements usually… Read More ›

  • Explaining Good Friday to Muslims

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    It is Good Friday and this is the day that we celebrate the crucifixion of Christ. Muslims typically object that Jesus was not really crucified. Some believe that Judas or someone else replaced him. Often…

  • [Part 2] What My Arab Muslim Friend Taught Me Reading The Geneology of Jesus (Matthew 1)

    This is the second part to What My Arab Muslim Friend Taught Me Reading The Geneology of Jesus (Matthew 1) [Part 1] As I talked to my Arab Muslim friend about the opening of the Gospel (Injil), he taught me to… Read More ›